Dark Sun

Unlikely allies

"Sometimes on Athas the enemies you do not kill can be of use, sometimes..."

After several days resting and re-gearing in Smugglers Rest, the group receives a job offer from Ydris of Tomblador. The former warlord has the party escort a caravan deep into the southern wastelands with the intent to rendezvous with an excavation team uncovering ancient runes. The group accepts and sets out on their week long journey.

After several days of travel and numerous physical challenges, the group is forced to re-route their current course when they are confronted by an avalanche of sand and debris blocking their way. They decide to spend an uneventful night near the avalanche before continuing their trek. The following morning the group breaks camp and heads out only to be set upon by a terrible sand storm. This adverse weather causes an extremely difficult day of travel, however, they are able to avoid the worst of it eventually bypassing it altogether. As the party comes to a stoney area on the outskirts of the sandy wastes, they are ambushed by Ssurran hunters and shaman. Bavarus quickly kills two of the encroaching attackers, and Cassius slays a group of four. As this is happening, Zhr garrotes one of the shaman killing him almost instantly.

During the battle a few of the party members notice the other shaman is grabbed violently and devoured by an unseen predator. Moments later a Tembo emerges. The haughty elves that were accompanying the group run immediately, as do the remaining Ssurran. The Tembo savagely attacks Cassius, almost killing him. After a long engagement, the group is finally able to defeat the Tembo with the help of a few returning Ssurran. The session ends with the party exhausted but victorious.


Time for these treacherous and cowardly elves to pay for their crimes.

Unlikely allies

It’s only fun if they run…

Unlikely allies

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