A New Beginning


I have never wanted to kill another living being as much as I want to kill Auda Ibn Jadd. I lie awake at night, thinking of how and when I will do it. The time of day, and what my last words to him will be. I seer even during the frigid nights. My father used to have a saying; al dambeth pathred sui gohena which means, there is no revenge so complete as forgiveness. I wish I shared his conciliatory views, but he is dead, rotting in the endless sands because he loved his son. I however have adopted a more predatory attitude, one in which forgiveness is not an alternative. Auda will run, he is ravin by nature, but he can not escape his fate for long.


Sleep has eluded me yet again, sometimes I feel that my two companions and this journal are all that keep me tame in this savage world. I owe Jhr my life, and I carry the weight of his losses as if they were my own. I can not fail him in his quest for vengeance. As for Oswen, he has done what most only wish they could do, cast off the shackles of their fate, and forge a new path. To him I owe my sanity, be it not for his rational mind, I may one day completely succumb to my primal instincts.

A deadly pack has formed, and the hunt is just beginning…

~Blackmoon’s Journal

A New Beginning

Dark Sun Blackmoons