A Macabre Feast


I did not sleep again last night, not because I was restless, but because I spent the better part of the evening listening to the vile and nauseating sounds of silk wyrms slowly devouring freshly killed human carcasses. I suppose I can add this to the ever growing list of atrocities I have witnessed in my life, whole communities lost to famine and disease, the murder of innocents, and the heartbreaking cries of children watching their enslaved fathers die horrible deaths in gladiatorial arenas. I have witnessed these things and forced myself to feel little or nothing for those involved, preferring to compartmentalize my emotions and channel them to work towards my own goals. These humans however, are inconsequential. After all, I am the one who killed them in the first place, so their final cessation matters little. What does matter is that in the end this macabre feast or Mereth Uanui, has granted me a wealth of knowledge on silk wyrm social order, hunting strategy, and feeding habits. In the very near future I will be collecting on that investment. Perhaps the wyrms will not be so rude this time and actually invite me to their dinner party. I hope Oswen is not afraid of snakes.


We set our sites on Smuggler's Rest, another scorching day of travel through hostile and dangerous terrain. Hopefully we do not get attacked by raiders while transporting our freshly procured water and very temporary female companions. However, if that type of comedic justice did befall us, I suppose the circles of life and irony would then be complete...

~Blackmoon's Journal

A Macabre Feast

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