Ydris of Tomblador

Defeated warlord. Slaver for House Tomblador.


Decades ago, Ydris was a dreaded warlord of the southern sands. He and his army of kank riders raided or exacted tribute from every major tribe in the region. This all came to an abrupt end when a substantial mercenary force raised by House Tomblador destroyed Ydris’ army in battle. Ydris was spared on the condition that he serve the interests of House Tomblador. His knowledge of the region and its people has been invaluable to Tomblador slaving operations ever since.

These days, Ydris is a bitter curmudgeon of his late 60s. Most of his time is spent haggling over slaves at Smuggler’s Rest or selling camp locations to entrepreneurial slavers. He resents House Tomblador for bringing his reign of glory to a premature end, but always acts professionally and in the house’s best interest.

Ydris of Tomblador

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