Nuuta: the Silt Witch

Half-elven psionic ex-slave.


Nuuta is widely accepted as running Smuggler’s Rest in Capito’s shadow. Nuuta is a feared psion, renowned for her uncanny ability to detect plots before they’ve had time to incubate. While Capito is off siltfaring (which is frequent), Nuuta takes a greater role maintaining order at Smuggler’s Rest.

Even before winning her freedom, Capito allowed Nuuta to purchase slaves of her own. Today, she employs a loyal retinue of psionically talented chattel.

While Nuuta has not kept track of exactly how old she is; by human standards Nuuta is very old. Her appearance is that of a tall and narrow middle-aged woman. A fair face disfigured with scars, eyes clouded grey by an unknown illness.

Nuuta: the Silt Witch

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