Docile, compliant, and easy going. Barnaby enjoys stopping at rocks and trees to scratch and mark. When his cart is approached by strangers, he becomes extremely defensive. A horn was attached to his head which lends to his bravery. Several bandits and thieves have been felled by his phallic weapon.

Barnaby carries a cart that is used to haul the party’s supplies and the distillation kit. There is a false bottom to the cart where contraband can be stored.

Cart Contents
Distillation Kit
Tents (2)
Dousing Rod
Torches (10)
Disguise Kit
Keg of Water (Large)
Keg of Wine (Small)


Barnaby was found roaming the desert with his cart by Miles. His cart had been ransacked and plundered, and Barnaby himself was on the verge of death. Miles helped Barnaby recover and the erdlu has been loyal ever since.


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