Dark Sun

Wasteland humanitarians

"We took one step closer to ultimate freedom at the cost of others taking one step back..."

The group rallies and climbs to the top of a high rock structure. There they attempt to sleep but are alerted to the presence of twelve silk wyrms feasting on the bodies of the dead bazraags and humans. They decide not to disturb them and have a restless yet uneventful night.

In the morning the party notices tracks leading back to the Roh’goh encampment. Bavarus and Jhr scout it and determine that only women and children are present. They inform everyone and the group decides to take the camp. The party gains several obsidian weapons, a keg of water, slaves to sell, and a liter of bazraag pups. After an uneventful two day trek, the companions reach smugglers rest.

Here they meet Miles the Dunedrifter, a halfling bard looking for adventure. He joins the party with his trusty erdlu Barnaby. The group sells off their plunder including the slaves and all but one of the bazraag pups. During some downtime they decide to head to Balic to pursue some leads about the possible uprising. After researching their options the group seeks out the merchant traders of the town, to inquire about mercenary work.



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