Dark Sun

Live bait

"Nothing is quite as appetizing as live bait, even if he is green..."

With their new ally Amir, Bavarus and Jhr returned to their main encampment. Here they reunit with Oswen and Cassius and share what little sustenance they could find. Cassius tells them that the sorcerer kings hold over Balic is beginning to weaken, and that the veiled alliance is planning an uprising. He goes on to say that he has contacts in the city and the party could speak to them if they wanted to get involved.

The group rests during mid day then strikes out to find food and water. After finishing off the last of their supplies the party sleeps through an uneventful night. First thing in the morning the companions rise and break camp, heading out to the west towards Smugglers Rest. At approximately mid afternoon Bavarus comes upon several sets of tracks. He quickly deduces that they are humanoid and after a consultation with Oswen, determines they are from a tribe of humans known as the Roh’goh. Bavarus and Jhr scout ahead, coming upon a large dead mekillot. They realize that this great beast is displayed in such a way as to ward off any potential invaders or thieves. Bavarus relays this information to the party and they decide to set up an ambush to try and lure some of the tribesmen into a trap. The bait would be Amir and Cassius.

As darkness begins to cool the blistering sand a group of baazrags and humans attack the seemingly helpless and outnumbered duo. A fight ensues, ending with the raiders dead and the some of the companions severely hurt. As they are tending to their wounds Bavarus sees a hatching silk wyrm stalking around on the battlefield looking for easy prey. The wyrm slinks off after Oswen’s construct moves toward it. The session ends with everyone desperately trying to recover from the fight and making preparations for another possible attack.



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