Dark Sun

Into the depths

"For a moment I felt optimistic, as if the future would be safe and unsparing, an idealistic glimpse into a life I had never known. That moment passed quickly and it passed violently..."

After a hard fought battle with a vicious tembo, the party regroups and decides on their next course of action. Cassius communicates with the Ssaurran shaman and learns that he was the last of his tribe. He convinces the lizardman to accompany the group to thier destination and divulged to him the location of the ruined Ro’goh encampment. The companions butchered the tembo and Oswen began creating magical items from its corpse. Bavarus tracks down and returns with the two kanks that were released during the combat.

After a few days of uneventful travel, the group reaches the dig site. On arrival they speak with the elves that abandoned them during the fight, and learned that the slaves laboring at the site were just a day away from opening the crypt. The elves say that if the party will explore the ruins, they would be entitled to fifty percent of the treasure inside. The party agrees and prepares for their decent.

While exploring the tomb, the group finds a large body of clean and cold water. As they fill their waterskins the group is ambushed by a megapede. They quickly escape with some minor injuries and continue exploring other areas. The party comes upon a jade orb which they leave untouched for the moment, and a large underground garden. They also find a locked door inscribed in giant tongue, and several strange dragon-like skeletons. They venture into a large throne room and see a humanoid mummy siting in an ornate throne. The mummy appears to be oblivious to their presence, so they bypass it to explore further. The men encounter a pack of four specters which they dispatch without incident. The session ends with the group contemplating their next move.



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