Dark Sun

A fateful meeting

"Through the dust and blazing heat we spotted a man unlike any we had ever seen..."

While hunting near the straight of Baza, Bavarus Blackmoons, and Zhk’Zhr came across an unusual sight. A green skinned humanoid appeared several feet in the air then quickly dropped into the sea of silt. The strange creature struggled to keep his head above the sand, but was sinking fast. Bavarus and Zhr came to his aid and pulled him from the clutches of sandy death.

The humanoid did not speak the common tongue, so after great effort Bavarus was able to ascertain his name and how he came to be on Athas. Amir Fayan’dalor psionicly projected images to his two saviors conveying that he was on the run from some monstrous creatures and that he had shifted to Athas from a far off plane of existence. The companions shared water and food, but soon realized that they must head west to Smugglers rest for re-supply and trade.

As the group marched they encountered some giant wasps transporting water to their hive, a fight ensued and the men were able to take down all four of them with little resistance. Zhk’Zhr found the source of water that the insects were gathering. Inside the underground cavern the party also found a long dead Thri-kreen who happened to be a member of Zhr’s clutch. They buried the body as best as they could, took the water and continued their journey.

After hours of travel the group decided to make camp, while on first watch Zhr noticed a reptilian humanoid spying on them. The group awoke and a fight broke out, Bavarus took out two of the creatures before taking a poison dart in the neck and falling unconscious. Zhr and Amir made quick work of the other two and were able to rouse Bavarus. They salvaged what they could from the dead scouting party then rested.



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