Dark Sun

Into the depths
"For a moment I felt optimistic, as if the future would be safe and unsparing, an idealistic glimpse into a life I had never known. That moment passed quickly and it passed violently..."

After a hard fought battle with a vicious tembo, the party regroups and decides on their next course of action. Cassius communicates with the Ssaurran shaman and learns that he was the last of his tribe. He convinces the lizardman to accompany the group to thier destination and divulged to him the location of the ruined Ro’goh encampment. The companions butchered the tembo and Oswen began creating magical items from its corpse. Bavarus tracks down and returns with the two kanks that were released during the combat.

After a few days of uneventful travel, the group reaches the dig site. On arrival they speak with the elves that abandoned them during the fight, and learned that the slaves laboring at the site were just a day away from opening the crypt. The elves say that if the party will explore the ruins, they would be entitled to fifty percent of the treasure inside. The party agrees and prepares for their decent.

While exploring the tomb, the group finds a large body of clean and cold water. As they fill their waterskins the group is ambushed by a megapede. They quickly escape with some minor injuries and continue exploring other areas. The party comes upon a jade orb which they leave untouched for the moment, and a large underground garden. They also find a locked door inscribed in giant tongue, and several strange dragon-like skeletons. They venture into a large throne room and see a humanoid mummy siting in an ornate throne. The mummy appears to be oblivious to their presence, so they bypass it to explore further. The men encounter a pack of four specters which they dispatch without incident. The session ends with the group contemplating their next move.

Unlikely allies
"Sometimes on Athas the enemies you do not kill can be of use, sometimes..."

After several days resting and re-gearing in Smugglers Rest, the group receives a job offer from Ydris of Tomblador. The former warlord has the party escort a caravan deep into the southern wastelands with the intent to rendezvous with an excavation team uncovering ancient runes. The group accepts and sets out on their week long journey.

After several days of travel and numerous physical challenges, the group is forced to re-route their current course when they are confronted by an avalanche of sand and debris blocking their way. They decide to spend an uneventful night near the avalanche before continuing their trek. The following morning the group breaks camp and heads out only to be set upon by a terrible sand storm. This adverse weather causes an extremely difficult day of travel, however, they are able to avoid the worst of it eventually bypassing it altogether. As the party comes to a stoney area on the outskirts of the sandy wastes, they are ambushed by Ssurran hunters and shaman. Bavarus quickly kills two of the encroaching attackers, and Cassius slays a group of four. As this is happening, Zhr garrotes one of the shaman killing him almost instantly.

During the battle a few of the party members notice the other shaman is grabbed violently and devoured by an unseen predator. Moments later a Tembo emerges. The haughty elves that were accompanying the group run immediately, as do the remaining Ssurran. The Tembo savagely attacks Cassius, almost killing him. After a long engagement, the group is finally able to defeat the Tembo with the help of a few returning Ssurran. The session ends with the party exhausted but victorious.

Wasteland humanitarians
"We took one step closer to ultimate freedom at the cost of others taking one step back..."

The group rallies and climbs to the top of a high rock structure. There they attempt to sleep but are alerted to the presence of twelve silk wyrms feasting on the bodies of the dead bazraags and humans. They decide not to disturb them and have a restless yet uneventful night.

In the morning the party notices tracks leading back to the Roh’goh encampment. Bavarus and Jhr scout it and determine that only women and children are present. They inform everyone and the group decides to take the camp. The party gains several obsidian weapons, a keg of water, slaves to sell, and a liter of bazraag pups. After an uneventful two day trek, the companions reach smugglers rest.

Here they meet Miles the Dunedrifter, a halfling bard looking for adventure. He joins the party with his trusty erdlu Barnaby. The group sells off their plunder including the slaves and all but one of the bazraag pups. During some downtime they decide to head to Balic to pursue some leads about the possible uprising. After researching their options the group seeks out the merchant traders of the town, to inquire about mercenary work.

Live bait
"Nothing is quite as appetizing as live bait, even if he is green..."

With their new ally Amir, Bavarus and Jhr returned to their main encampment. Here they reunit with Oswen and Cassius and share what little sustenance they could find. Cassius tells them that the sorcerer kings hold over Balic is beginning to weaken, and that the veiled alliance is planning an uprising. He goes on to say that he has contacts in the city and the party could speak to them if they wanted to get involved.

The group rests during mid day then strikes out to find food and water. After finishing off the last of their supplies the party sleeps through an uneventful night. First thing in the morning the companions rise and break camp, heading out to the west towards Smugglers Rest. At approximately mid afternoon Bavarus comes upon several sets of tracks. He quickly deduces that they are humanoid and after a consultation with Oswen, determines they are from a tribe of humans known as the Roh’goh. Bavarus and Jhr scout ahead, coming upon a large dead mekillot. They realize that this great beast is displayed in such a way as to ward off any potential invaders or thieves. Bavarus relays this information to the party and they decide to set up an ambush to try and lure some of the tribesmen into a trap. The bait would be Amir and Cassius.

As darkness begins to cool the blistering sand a group of baazrags and humans attack the seemingly helpless and outnumbered duo. A fight ensues, ending with the raiders dead and the some of the companions severely hurt. As they are tending to their wounds Bavarus sees a hatching silk wyrm stalking around on the battlefield looking for easy prey. The wyrm slinks off after Oswen’s construct moves toward it. The session ends with everyone desperately trying to recover from the fight and making preparations for another possible attack.

A fateful meeting
"Through the dust and blazing heat we spotted a man unlike any we had ever seen..."

While hunting near the straight of Baza, Bavarus Blackmoons, and Zhk’Zhr came across an unusual sight. A green skinned humanoid appeared several feet in the air then quickly dropped into the sea of silt. The strange creature struggled to keep his head above the sand, but was sinking fast. Bavarus and Zhr came to his aid and pulled him from the clutches of sandy death.

The humanoid did not speak the common tongue, so after great effort Bavarus was able to ascertain his name and how he came to be on Athas. Amir Fayan’dalor psionicly projected images to his two saviors conveying that he was on the run from some monstrous creatures and that he had shifted to Athas from a far off plane of existence. The companions shared water and food, but soon realized that they must head west to Smugglers rest for re-supply and trade.

As the group marched they encountered some giant wasps transporting water to their hive, a fight ensued and the men were able to take down all four of them with little resistance. Zhk’Zhr found the source of water that the insects were gathering. Inside the underground cavern the party also found a long dead Thri-kreen who happened to be a member of Zhr’s clutch. They buried the body as best as they could, took the water and continued their journey.

After hours of travel the group decided to make camp, while on first watch Zhr noticed a reptilian humanoid spying on them. The group awoke and a fight broke out, Bavarus took out two of the creatures before taking a poison dart in the neck and falling unconscious. Zhr and Amir made quick work of the other two and were able to rouse Bavarus. They salvaged what they could from the dead scouting party then rested.


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